Affiliate marketing offers many opportunities for digital marketers, but it can also pose a number of threats. When executed haphazardly, an affiliate marketing program can devalue a brand. Here’s how to avoid this happening to your client’s brand:

Keep your messaging consistent

Affiliate marketers don’t always invest the time that is needed to properly research new brands. Make sure you are keeping track of what type of language and images are used to market your client’s brand on various sites. It also helps to give affiliate marketers everything they need to make their advertising strategies run smoothly.

Choose your affiliates wisely

Quality is better than quantity. Research potential affiliate marketers’ audiences and their demographics to make sure you’re a good fit for each other.

Set agreements about marketing tactics

You and your affiliate marketers need to agree on the tactics that will be used in order to ensure that they align with your digital marketing strategy. Pop-up ads and unsolicited e-mails, for example, should be prohibited marketing practices.

Monitor affiliate marketing programs closely

Don’t let you affiliate marketers run amok with your strategy. Regularly research what your marketers are getting up to and set alerts so that you are notified whenever your client’s brand name gets mentioned online.

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