The concept of owning your own digital marketing agency is an exciting one. Many people dream of an opportunity like this but often find it difficult to come up with a good business model, a network of support, and the ever-evolving skills needed in this stimulating field. Being able to buy a franchise is an offering that entices entrepreneurs to grow a successful business as the processes are already established. 

Whether you are looking to start your own business or grow your existing agency, franchising has some challenging areas that are commonly overlooked by entrepreneurs. Avoid these common mistakes made by franchisors with a solid understanding of what to look out for before purchasing a franchise:

Mistake 1. Having a scattered brand. Many franchisors often have a “big idea” and franchise their business before having a clear and narrowed-down concept for all franchisees to understand.

Solution: Ensure the franchise that you buy into has a precise vision that all merchants adhere to in order to grow the brand.

Mistake 2. Failing to provide franchisee training. The investment of training a new franchise buyer is often neglected – resulting in a failed franchise.

Solution: A successful franchise can only be achieved by doing quality training with new entrepreneurs to gain sufficient knowledge and cover all the necessary aspects of joining the label.

Mistake 3. Resisting change. A common issue many franchisors struggle with is having tunnel vision and being inflexible to change. This can have a negative effect on the outcome of a winning franchise opportunity.

Solution: With the rapid speed of changes in social media and technology it is essential for franchisors to be open to social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), and an up to date digital marketing strategy. (At Unibit, we got this!)

Unibit Solutions 

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