The goal of any content marketing strategy should be creating and distributing quality content. Google’s latest Panda update, however, has made quality content an even more important requirement for internet marketers.

In January 2016, many marketers noticed significant changes in their website analytics, search results and traffic thanks to the much anticipated Panda update. The goal of the update is to improve the quality of content that appears in search engine result pages.

The phrase “quality content” can be a bit vague. What counts as high quality content? Basically, the same good SEO and content marketing practices still apply: avoid keyword stuffing, content that was bought from content mills (which are often riddled with poor language and plagiarism) and any other unsavoury practices. The majority of traffic goes to high quality content, so instead of focusing on quantity, focus on producing intriguing, relevant and extraordinary content. 

Well-written, original content takes time and it can be tough to get your clients to commit to producing their own content. As a digital marketer, one of your goals for 2016 should be sourcing experienced copywriters and content marketing strategists who can create content or you.

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