Marketing is a crucial part of any business. If you own a digital marketing franchise, it becomes even more important. As a digital marketer, you want to do much more than ‘regularly keep in touch’ with clients via email, you also want it to have a positive effect on your bottom line.

First, why email? You undoubtedly have everything from a YouTube Channel to an active presence on LinkedIn. Email, however, remains many people’s preferred choice of contact. If you are selling to business owners, then you want to make sure you are contacting them via email.

One of the most effective ways to sell any digital marketing strategy or service is by showing clients how it works. Even something as straightforward as SEO can be met with uncertainty if the business does not understand what it is and why he or she needs it.

You can use email marketing to show clients:

  • New apps that you’re working on,
  • New social media campaigns that you are launching, or
  • What the latest social media marketing platform looks like.

Teaching them about digital marketing tactics should be a key component of your relationship building and lead generating strategies, and email marketing is the perfect way to do it.

Make it easy for clients to sign up for your emails, keep your emails clear and concise, and set up a content calendar so that you can stick to a frequent schedule.

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