Hiring and training the right people is probably the main challenge faced by any digital marketing agency. You might start off as a one-person operation or work with a handful of trusted collaborators. However, as the business improves and you start seeing the need to scale up, you need to face the task of bringing in the right crew. The minute your ads hit your networks, you will be inundated with applications from scores of copywriters, SEO practitioners, social marketers, and so forth. You need to be able to sift through them all and find the right ones. Here are two key tips to help you.

Look for Specialists

You have probably already established your core team at this point, so don’t bother looking for generalists now. With most key competencies covered, you should have worked out where your gaps are. Maybe you need someone who is great at B2B work, or perhaps a seasoned wiz at social media. Look for specialised expertise. This will not only narrow the field, but it will also help you to set more decisive and focused recruitment criteria.

Consider Entry-Level Posts

On the other hand, with digital marketing being such a new field, there will be times when taking in entry-level employees will be the best option. Entry-level posts can be very hard to fill. This is often because employers don’t have strong training programmes in place and don’t have the time to train new staff. It is worth investing in a good training programme and taking on entry-level staff. This is the best way to develop a great team that is fully in tune with your company culture.

Aside from hiring the best permanent staff, why not outsource some of your copywriting, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO and digital marketing strategy? Contact Unibit Solutions and let us take on this work so you can focus on growing your core HR needs.