Spring promises renewal and fresh hope. Both these are needed now more than ever after the pandemic-prominent year we have experienced so far. Take advantage of this uplifting season in your B2B marketing and online marketing.

1. Spring Clean

Starting at ground level, clean out the products, services, and practices that no longer serve you to make room for the new. If you have inventory that did not turn out as profitable as you had hoped, market an irresistible offer to offload those items.

Now is also a perfect reminder to clean up your web presence by checking your backlinks, correcting any errors in the copy, and adding keyword-related captions to your images.

2. Colour Your World

Buyers have acknowledged that when making purchases, 85% focus on the colour of products. Now may not be the ideal time to rebrand your range, but you can take this opportunity to use colour psychology in your marketing campaigns. 

The message in your social media posts, email campaigns, and sales promos should echo the vibrant colours of spring.

3. Finetune Your Message

The energy and positivity associated with spring leads to marketing messages about starting new projects, spending time outdoors, being active, and so on. Be sure, though, to tailor your blue skies and sunshine vibe to your brand and what you offer.

4. Ride The Coat Tails of Other Holidays

Every month hosts a variety of quirky celebrations, and September is no exception. Search the web for days to acknowledge which combines the spirit of spring with your offerings. 

5. Host a Photo Competition

People love to see pictures of themselves or photos which they have taken – and they tend to engage with such marketing with zeal! Now that the weather encourages us to get up and out, a photo competition is a great way to gather images from your fans which can be part of a competition now and useful to have in the future.

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