Want to be seen as a digital marketing specialist? We’ve rounded up the top four important skills that you will need to achieve this:

Data analysis skills

A decade or so ago, a digital marketer could sail through client meetings with Google Analytics print outs. Many experts speculate that the days of only showing clients vanity stats are over and digital marketers will need to upskill themselves in order to be able to analyse big data to show clients the trends and opportunities that they need to be exploiting.

Paid social media advertising

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) in Google can take you far, but there’s a lot to be said about the viral opportunities that paid social media advertise holds for digital marketers. Drilling down into Facebook’s analytical tools can give you access to your clients’ ideal customers and it can help you tailor a unique, successful approach that speaks directly to their needs.

Search engine optimisation

Ranking high in search results is still a top priority for many clients, but few of them realise how competitive these rankings have become. Google’s Search Engine Result algorithms are constantly changing and as a digital marketer, you’re going to have to stay on top of the changes and trends so that you can pre-empt and counteract any negative impacts on your clients’ search results.

Content marketing

Content is still king and search engines as well as social media platforms continue to prioritise content that attracts a high level of engagement. Knowing what type of content to publish where, how to repurpose different types of content and how to go about syndicating good content is an essential skill for digital marketers.

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