Need to boost your clients’ social media following: Here are a few ways to do it:

Experiment with posting at different times

If you’re posting at lunch time every day, experiment with posting early in the morning or later in the afternoon and early evening. Many times, you’re posting great content but it’s simply not showing up on your follower’s news feeds (allowing them to share content with their networks).

Focus on creating sharable content

The best way to get more followers is to appeal to your existing follower base in such a way that they are more inclined to share your content with their own followers. Not only does this mean you have to create quality content, but it also has to be something people will share because it reflects positively on them.

Use more images

Many studies have shown that posts with pictures are much more popular on social media, so make sure you’re sourcing or creating attention-grabbing images.

Engage with people

If you’re managing social media accounts for a number of clients, it can be tough to log on to each profile and engage with people who are contacting you. This, however, is a vital part of any social media marketing strategy. Set time aside for replying to messages and engaging with your existing followers each day.

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