True sustainability is a clever mix between people, profit and the planet. As a digital marketing agency owner, you need to make sure that you are touching on each of these three aspects in order to be truly sustainable.

Whether selling social media services, SEO or any other type of digital solution, you need to focus on profit, however, you can’t focus on profit alone. Research has shown that people want to work for companies who are not only aware of what their impact on the environment is, but who are also focused on reducing their carbon footprint. So, not only will being eco-conscious be good for the planet, but it will also help you to attract and retain better people.

• Reduce Printing

Everything from invoices to meeting notes and client feedback often gets printed at digital marketing agencies. Host an awareness campaign at the office to introduce digital tools that can replace printed items, such as Mind Map or other online brainstorming tools.

Do Away with Plastic Cups and Stirrers

Plastic cups and stirrers can contribute to a lot of waste and plastic pollution. Invest in glass bottles for your staff (better yet, brand the bottles with your logo!). Show your staff how much you will save by not purchasing plastic cups and stirrers in a year.

Invest in Green Cleaning Products

Cleaning materials are often filled with ozone-depleting ingredients. Switch to eco-conscious cleaning products so that your office can remain clean without having a negative impact on the environment.

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