One of the hardest parts of running a successful digital marketing agency is attracting and retaining top talent. While there are many digital marketing professionals, not all of them have the attitude, experience and skills that you need in your business. Whether you’re looking to assemble the right team or need to make sure your current team is happy, these should be your goals regarding managing your staff:

  1. Develop People

People want to know that their careers are progressing. Someone who has been hired to do reporting, for example, may aspire to manage paid Google advertising campaigns in the future. Have quarterly and annual meetings with your staff to find out what their personal and professional goals are (and put the plans in place to help them achieve these goals).

  1. Have A Fun Culture

People who want to work at a digital marketing agency have certain expectations about the company culture and the people they are going to work with. Not only should your office and décor be creative and upbeat, but your way of interacting with clients and staff should be engaging, friendly and fun.

  1. Consider Different Types Of Benefits

In the past, everyone was working for a 13th cheque – today’s workforce has very different needs. Conduct internal research to find out what appeals to your staff and structure your incentives accordingly. A weekend away, a bonus on your birthday, flexible working hours or remote working options may appeal much more than a lump sum of money at the end of the year.

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