If you run a digital marketing franchise, you probably already know how important it is to create an excellent welcome email for new additions to your or your clients’ sales funnel. Just because someone has clicked ‘Subscribe’ that doesn’t mean you have their business in the bag. The welcome email gives you the chance to get the new prospect acquainted with you and start building that relationship. Here’s how you do it.

1. Start by saying ‘thank you’

The first thing to do is to express your appreciation for the new sign-up. Saying ‘thank you’ adds a human element to your mail and establishes a solid basis for brand loyalty. If a subscriber feels appreciated, they are likely to develop and maintain positive feelings towards your brand.

2. If you have offered an incentive, deliver it immediately

If your strategy to attract sign-ups is to offer some kind of incentive – a discount or free download, for example, make sure you deliver on it immediately. If you don’t, you could lose the new subscriber.

3. Tell your subscriber what to expect

Your welcome email should give the reader a rundown of what to expect from their subscription. Explain what kind of mails you will send them and how often. Will you be keeping them updated on new deals and offers, or alerting them to new features and products? Include this information in your introduction.

4. Tell them about yourself

Use the welcome mail to give readers a rundown on who you are and what you do. Make sure this communication matches the tone of your brand. Let your new subscriber get a feel for your personality. Include contact details and social media links.

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