Many issues with clients can be avoided or diverted by simply having a proper client onboarding process at your digital agency. Client service problems can crop up every now and then, but a well thought through onboarding process can minimize issues because it ensures that everyone’s expectations are managed and that clients have a clear picture of what they can expect. Here are a few things that you should put in place to develop a client onboarding process:

Send them relevant documentation

Send them electronic versions of all the relevant contracts, a recap of the policies that they have agreed to as well as a thank you note so that they know that their business is appreciated.

Introduce the team

If you have a specific person who will be managing their copywriting and another person who will be sending them progress reports, for example, introduce them to the client so that they know who they can contact regarding different issues.

Logins to accounts and project management systems

Most digital agencies have some kind of online project management system that they use to manage campaigns and strategies. Create a document that shows them how your project management system works and give them the logins and passwords to all the accounts, social media profiles and reporting tools that you will be using.

Schedule a kickoff meeting

Arrange a Skype conference call or an in-person meeting where all of the details about the on boarding process are discussed. Answer any questions that your client may have and tell your client that you are excited about working together.

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