Running a digital marketing agency can be exceptionally rewarding. You get to work with interesting people, forward-thinking brands and you get to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for your clients.

One thing that many digital marketers struggle with is generating reoccurring revenue for their business. They are able to sell a once-off website design and development package or a paid search advertising campaign, but once that client’s immediate need has been satisfied, the money stops coming in.

The key to generating reoccurring revenue is to always be guiding your clients. As their digital marketer, you should be creating big picture goals and guiding them towards achieving their online marketing goals. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  • Set up monthly meetings: Whether you are selling Search Engine Optimisation packages or social media marketing strategies, you should be giving your clients monthly progress reports. While the meetings shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity to upsell what you are already doing, you should take the time to research new opportunities and make new suggestions.
  • Create long-term goals: Any worthwhile digital marketing goal will take time to achieve. Your clients need to know that you are not offering a quick fix solution and that you need to commit to working together for a number of months and years to achieve your goals.
  • Get creative: Be willing to experiment with new strategies, tools and platforms. Stay on top of trends in the industry and come up with unique online strategies for your clients to try out.

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