Do you run a digital marketing agency? Then you will undoubtedly have B2B clients as part of your client portfolio. Here’s how to help your B2B clients drive website traffic:

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Organic SEO is a key part of driving traffic to any website. Make sure you have a few skilled SEO people within your agency so that you can take care of everything from keyword research and link building to on-page and off-page SEO for your clients. Also set aside time to meet with clients so that you can continuously review your keyword strategies and help them create content that will boost your SEO plan.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is a huge part of driving traffic to a website. As any digital agency owner will know, getting your clients to produce content can be a mammoth task. Once you’ve converted all their existing content (such as brochures, case studies, presentations, etc.) into content that can be repurposed, create a content calendar so that topics and themes can be established well in advance. If your client doesn’t have the capacity to write blog posts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, consider outsourcing this task to a copywriter.

  • Social Media Marketing

People spend such a large amount of their day on social media that it’s impossible to imagine a time before it. Social media marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your B2B clients’ website. Make sure that they have updated company pages on LinkedIn and that they are joining (and contributing) to relevant groups in their industry. Create social media profiles on all the relevant platforms. Work to find a good balance between content creation and sharing, content curation and engagement with followers on social media.

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