The customer is always right, right? These days, customers expect to be delighted as a matter of course, so how do you build those relationships and promote customer loyalty at your digital marketing agency?

Well, when it comes to developing loyalty, it really is about putting the customer first. Hit and miss campaigns or tactical ideas won’t necessarily give you the results you’re looking for, instead consider the following:

  1. Start to shift away from the “push” mentaility and instead start employing a more subtle “pull” approach, making use of things like engagement, customer experience, retentions and more.
  2. Data beats opinion! We can’t emphasise the power of data enough. Take a deep analysis of your data and see what it’s telling you about your customers, then start reaching out to them by addressing the concerns or opportunities you’ve identified.
  3. Make sure your back-end operations and support systems are all in place and fully operational. It’s all very well promising your customers the earth if you can’t deliver…so if that means hiring more people in to help you do the job, then perhaps you should! After all, meeting, and exceeding, your customers’ expectations is when loyalty starts to grow and they start to become your advocates.
  4. Become an authority. If your customers can trust you to have their best interests at heart and know that you quite literally know what’s best when it comes to social media marketing and content marketing, then that’s when they can start to relax and trust in you to make things happen. So how do you do that? Brush up on your SEO and make sure your content is interesting, original, and shareable and soon you’ll have a growing loyal following.
  5. While we’re talking about content, your content is also an opportunity to introduce your customers to the people behind the brand. Share real stories about why you started your business, about your employees and of course, about your clients. When people know they’re doing business with a human being, it makes it even easier for them to trust you and for that loyalty to grow.

If you want to take your customer relationship mamangement to the next level, or you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that will give you the support you need, then get in touch with Unibit Solutions to find more. From how to buy a franchise of your own, to helping you put an effective digital marketing strategy in place, we’re here to chat!