At Unibit Solutions, we know exactly how tough it can be to sell digital marketing strategies. Too many internet marketing consultants get caught up in selling small pieces of work (a website, a once-off Facebook marketing campaign, a social media customer service plan). In order to make more money and truly provide value to your clients, you need to start selling more digital marketing strategies. Here are a few tips to do this well:

Have a grand plan

Don’t sell short-term plans like an email marketing campaign or paid Google advertising. Make sure you’re selling a greater strategy which encapsulates all the relevant marketing initiatives to your client. Your client needs to know that you’re working on making them the go-to company for whatever they are offering, not providing a quick fix to boost a few once-off sales.

Show deliverables and measurable

Your client needs to know you’re not going into the strategy blindly, but that you will be reporting on everything from social engagement to website statistics. Show them examples of how you will report back to them and use statistics and reports to tweak your strategy each month.

Show your value

When your client sees the value you offer, then prices and service fees aren’t the deciding factor in their decision making process. Position yourself as an expert who is willing to invest his or her valuable time in their digital marketing strategy to get them on board.

At Unibit Solutions, we offer all the services you need to realise your digital marketing strategies for your clients. Partner with us for content marketing, email marketing, website design, PPC advertising and more.