There is a specific type of content that is certain to help boost your digital marketing agency and aid you in generating results. Yes, we are talking about video content. Here is how to embrace it and how to weave it into your online marketing strategy going forward. 

Use video content on various platforms

When most people think of video content, they will instantly think of YouTube. However, YouTube is not the only platform on which to be posting and promoting video. Digital marketing agencies should feel empowered to use video for online marketing across all social media platforms, as well as on their agency website itself. Video content on a website can help to both improve SEO and to maximise the overall user experience, thus reducing bounce rate. 

Follow video content best practice guidelines 

Some video content best practice guidelines to be aware of include:

  • Making sure that the videos are enjoyable to watch both with and without sound.
  • Adjusting length based on social media platform – longer videos are best suited to YouTube and Facebook, while shorter videos tend to generate good levels of engagement on Instagram. 
  • Adding a strong call-to-action. This CTA should appear both in the video and in the caption of the post. 

Use quality video creation and editing tools

Believe it or not, you do not have to spend a fortune in order to do this. There are many high-quality video creation and editing tools that are extremely budget-friendly, such as Biteable and Adobe Spark. 

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