Posting content on your digital marketing agency blog is your chance to show potential clients that you really know what you’re talking about. The key is ensuring that you approach it in the correct manner. Here are some tips for getting it right:

  • Post opinion pieces

It is not enough to curate content from industry thought leaders. If you are to prove to your potential clients that you can provide them with a digital marketing service that is going to add value to their business and to their bottom line, you need to show them that you also have an opinion on what’s going on within the industry. After all, you don’t want to promote the views of industry thought leaders… you want to become one!


  • Talk about trends

Since the digital marketing industry is always changing, a good digital marketing agency will do everything necessary to keep up with relevant trends. Use your blog to demonstrate that you are in the know and that you are also taking action to improve on these trends for your clients.


  • Showcase your work

If you have recently completed an award-worthy campaign or designed a particularly impressive website, do not be afraid to brag about it on your blog! Seeing proof of your agency’s skills and achievements will make it more likely for new clients to get in touch with you and give you their business.

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