As a digital marketing agency, Halloween may not seem like a holiday that you can exploit to benefit your business. There are, however, a few fun things that you can do to create a bit of a hype, boost brand awareness and make the most out of this crazy time of year.

  • Consider a website or social media facelift

As digital marketers, you should be the first to jump on opportunities to implement quick but effective changes. Spiders, cobwebs or a spooky font on your site are all things that you can do to get your employees and clients into the holiday spirit. Luckily, these design changes are easy to change back after October 31 has passed.

  • Launch a promotion

Do you have the capacity to offer clients design work, development work, social media consultations or copywriting at a discounted rate? If so, create an email marketing campaign to let them know that you will run a Halloween promotion at your agency. Tell them how much they can save if they contact you for these services during the week of Halloween.

  • Host a competition or contest

Use Halloween to boost your social media engagement. Ask clients to create videos, photos or content that can be added to your profiles. Give a Halloween-related prize to the best contribution.

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