The year 2020 offers a fresh decade for growth opportunities within the franchise industry.  Some franchise categories such as food and anything related to children will always be in demand. The continued sharing of cat pictures, where to buy a favourite pair of sunglasses or the best place for a holiday makes franchises offering digital marketing services a big trend in 2020 once again. 

Here are some exciting franchise trends that will set the scene in 2020.

Franchises are following their customers

Many franchise brands are following their customers beyond the mall or shopping centre to sports, cultural or social events. They are even co-locating with major fuel retailers to reach their customers outside standard shopping hours. Most everyone today uses the internet to find products and services, so franchisees are also following their customers onto mobile and other digital platforms.  

More franchises understand the value of social media

Whether a franchise decides to reach customers via storytelling, creation of a persona or personalisation through shoppable posts, social media marketing continues to be the best way to reach customers. Franchises are beginning to understand the importance of a digital marketing strategy that includes content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Franchises are focusing on customer experience (CX)

Customers are at the centre of every business and how they feel about a brand or service is easily shared on social media platforms. A positive customer experience, whether through quality service or a good product, can build brand loyalty. Franchises look towards enhancing their customer’s experience by understanding their needs and managing their expectations. 

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