Depending on your digital marketing agency situation in the market, your answer to whether you should do it yourself (in-house) or outsource skills will depend purely on the strategies that best suit your business model practice and online marketing.

Understanding the pros and cons of outsourcing and in-house methods will help you identify for yourself which is best suited for your company and clients.

Outsourcing Vs In-house skills

Businesses need to have a team of flexible and dedicated marketers who specifically know all the objectives of every sector of your business to encourage a positive in-house strategy. If you do not have a dedicated team, you will have gaps and weak points that will clearly be visible to your client and competitors.

Trying to form a strong in-house team can be costly and take up considerable time. However, with the right team you will have a strong focused group of individuals who are focused on the same goal and strategy. It is up to you to decide the way forward that best suits your company.

The pros of outsourcing

  • Saves you money. Instead of paying a full team of full-time marketers or an executive marketer, you pay per project without the salary and benefit costs to the company.
  • You will only work with qualified, experienced and skilled individuals who can get going on the job right away!
  • There will be skills that in-house cannot provide that outsourcing will. Instead of wasting time trying to figure it out. Outsourcing gives you the results without the learning curve.
  • Your own employees can spend more time doing what they are good at. Whether it is web design or web hosting. You remain the best at what you do.

The cons of outsourcing

  • You become a client for your own client’s project. You could land up being one of seven projects on the table of your digital marketing agency.
  • The company you use may not fully understand your strategy and important aspects of your business. The outcome might end up missing your brand’s heartbeat.
  • You don’t have their full attention at all times. Companies could run 9-5 Monday to Friday and miss out on the important weekend activities that get your clients attention.

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