With more and more companies’ marketing budget going towards digital advertising, starting your own digital marketing agency makes a lot of sense. It is an exciting industry in which to work as it is constantly evolving. Getting started is not as difficult as you might think.

Five Steps To Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Agency 

If you are interested in making money from your love of online marketing, here is a process to follow to get started.

1. Know Your Stuff 

When you start out, you will need to do most of the work yourself – from marketing yourself to from designing landing pages, from acquiring clients to tracking the effectiveness of their campaigns. How handy are you with WordPress, MailChimp, and Constant Contact, for example? Are you equally good at website design as you are at writing informative blogs?

The pressure to do all this when you are suffering from “imposter syndrome” may crack your finely-tuned sales pitch. Give yourself some time to become a master at your craft before punting yourself as a digital marketing expert. 

2. Work Your Side Hustle 

Before ditching your day job, venture into contracting on the side. This is an excellent way to build up experience in digital marketing, while also giving you insight into the running of a business. 

Learning through trial and error is less devastating when you still have a job. The knowledge, contacts, and skills you learn will stand you in good stead for the future.

3. Decide on Your Business Model 

The services you offer and how you charge for your work become a crucial aspect of how well your business is run down the line. 

The different ways in which you can charge your clients include a set monthly retainer, percentage of spend, hourly rate, or commission.

4. Identify Your Niche

Having a unique selling proposition is so much easier when you have a clear idea of who you are hoping to sign up as a client. Especially when starting out, working for businesses which you are genuinely interested in makes your learning and growth a lot easier.

5. Plan for Growth 

Ultimately you want your digital marketing agency to develop into a leader in the industry. From day one, work with that goal in mind. Consider the best way to recruit talent, how to scale up your sales, and what the best investments in the future are.

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