Ensuring a world-class digital marketing agency is heavily reliant on being able to retain top talent. With that in mind, here are some talent retention tips for digital marketing agency owners to remember. 

Spend money on skills development 

When surveyed, a large portion of employees will state that ‘stagnation’ is the main reason why they opt to look for a new job. Many career experts will agree that investing in your employees’ skill development is key to making sure that they stick around for longer. This doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking activity. There are many online courses that your employees can sign up for. 

Alternatively, you can start a mentoring cycle within your digital marketing agency where employees working in different departments start teaching each other how to perform new things. For example, the copywriters mentor the designers in the art of content marketing, and the developers teach the social media marketers the art of building a website. 

Keep an ‘open door’ policy

It is important that you make yourself available to your employees whenever anyone needs to get something off of their chest. They should feel confident to come directly to you with any concerns, challenges, or suggestions whenever they may arise. 

Put employees first 

It is easy to say that clients always come first. However, when problems occur and you automatically side with the client before looking into the issue as a whole, this can lead to resentment and feelings of isolation. Always do your best to help your team mitigate and deal with any problems in relation to service delivery and the like without pointing fingers in the process. By putting your employees first, they will naturally put your clients first as a result. 

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