Thinking about investing in a digital marketing franchise or agency? Here’s what you can expect when you opt to buy a digital marketing business, as opposed to a franchise:

  • You’re Pretty Much on Your Own

Once you have signed on that dotted line, the direction of the business, finding and maintaining clients and navigating your way through the online marketing world is all up to you. When you buy a franchise, you are almost always offered thorough training, as well as reliable ongoing support whenever you may need it.

  • You Have to Work on Creating a Reputation

You will buy the digital marketing business as it stands, and it’s highly likely that the business won’t be all that well known. Because of this, you will need to put a lot of effort into putting your new agency on the map, especially when it comes to landing new clients. With a franchise, on the other hand, you only worry about maintaining your reputation.

  • You’ll Have to Make Do with Already-Existing Staff

 You won’t have the opportunity to build your own team, as there is likely to already be one in existence. If the previous business owners did a good job in terms of hiring the right people with the right skills, this can be a wonderful advantage. However, the chances are much higher that there are a few people on the payroll who you wouldn’t have chosen to hire yourself.

If a digital marketing franchise sounds more like your cup of tea, then it’s time to get in touch with the team at Unibit Solutions. As experts in B2B marketing, and online marketing in general, we are excited to offer you access to a franchise opportunity that you won’t be able to refuse!