A digital marketing agency focuses on providing solutions in many areas of online marketing. Selling websites as stand-alone marketing tools are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of customers who require that their business is marketed on all online platforms – from the web to SEO to social media.

A few years ago, having a stylish website for your business was really all there was to digital marketing. These days, having a great website is still important. However, it should form just one part of an overall digital marketing strategy – instead of being viewed as a separate entity. Web development forms an essential part of this strategy. But it should not be the be-all-and-end-all of a digital marketing agency’s services.

So, why is having a digital marketing strategy superior to just having a website?

  • Digital Marketing Includes Web Development – And So Much More

In today’s highly competitive world, it is essential that a digital marketing plan is in place to bring potential customers to a website. If not, it is all too easy for that website to become ‘lost’ in cyberspace. Online marketing is what lets customers know that a website exists.

As part of a broader digital marketing strategy, a website plays a vital function as it is often where customer conversion takes place, either by filling in and sending a contact form or purchasing products online. A great marketing strategy, however, uses tools such as social media and SEO marketing to build brand awareness and encourage people to visit the website.

  • Content Marketing and SEO Are Vital to Website Marketing

One of the most popular ways in which people search for services or products, is through Google. A website that includes SEO (search engine optimisation) is thus vital. Without SEO, many businesses’ websites will simply never be found on Google.

In its simplest form, SEO involves very well-thought-out content, that includes popular keywords. These keywords are more likely to be noticed by Google when prospective customers type them into the search bar. Content marketing involves utilising these keywords in website copy in a way that is relevant to both people reading the website as well as to Google.

  • Social Media Marketing Can Increase Website Visitors

Social media has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and second to Google, it’s a primary place where people find and hear about products and services online. Social media marketing is great for building brand awareness and creating a strong online presence.

In addition, social media campaigns that are developed by a digital marketing agency can increase visitors to a website. A well-thought-out, specifically targeted social media campaign will use a combination of superb content, strategy and paid advertising to encourage customers to visit the website, send an email, download an app or purchase a product – or whatever the conversion goal may be.

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