There are literally hundreds of different things that could impact your client’s search rankings. As a digital marketing consultant, you’re probably used to being asked SEO questions that don’t always have an easy answer, such as “If I optimise my meta titles, will I rank better in Google?” Many times, the answer is yes and no, and it’s hard explaining all the intricate facets of the multiple things that can impact their search engine result rankings.

A good starting point would be analysing the things that negatively impact your client’s search rankings. These things include:

  • Unnatural links
  • Duplicate content on pages
  • Not enough content on pages
  • Over-optimised anchor text on pages
  • A website that isn’t mobile friendly
  • Overuse of keywords (ie keyword stuffing)
  • Linking to spammy pages
  • Low page loading speeds
  • Poor engagement metrics on pages

Now that you’ve discussed the things that could be negatively impacting your client’s SEO results, you can focus on things that will boost their rankings such as:

  • Social metrics on pages: The number of time a page gets shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglPlus and Twitter
  • Domain-level keyword usage: Exact and partial keyword matches in domains
  • Engagement and traffic: how many visitors come to the site, click through rates and usage signals
  • Link features: such as the quality of links
  • Unique content
  • Good SEO practices (keywords in headings, description tags, throughout the copy on pages)

As you know, SEO needs to be approached holistically. Contact Unibit Solutions if you need help with your client’s SEO strategy (or even just specific aspects of the SEO strategy such as link building and content creation).