So, you have taken the leap of faith into the world of social media marketing, content marketing and SEO… You have bought into a digital marketing agency franchise opportunity! Congratulations on making such a wise investment. Now, to get you started on your climb up the ladder to success, here are our top tips for finding and maintaining new clients:

  • Use the Online Tools at Your Disposal  

You own a digital marketing agency, after all! From paid Facebook and Twitter advertising to Google Adwords, and even organic SEO techniques and strategies, there are plenty of opportunities that will help you to draw attention to your agency and make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Partner Up with Other Agencies 

This option may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be very helpful initially when you are trying to get your business off the ground. Speak to those well-established agencies and offer to help with any work overflow.

  • Become an Industry Thought Leader 

If you can establish yourself and your digital marketing agency as an industry thought leader, the clients are sure to come running to you for help. Do this by paying attention to social media marketing and blogging. Write interesting, relevant articles that focus on opinions, tips and advice. Oh, and be sure to do so consistently. This strategy only works if you are willing to dedicate plenty of time and effort into putting your business on the map!

Yet to invest in a digital marketing agency? Currently on the look to buy a franchise? Look no further than Unibit Solutions. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.