If you want to a buy a franchise, and a digital marketing franchise in particular, and you have a dream of turning it into a thriving family business, good for you! Here are our helpful tips for getting it right and increasing your chances of reaching, and maintaining, success.

Set Boundaries

Since everyone is family, there is a danger that there will be very little work going on and a lot of chit chat instead. Set strict boundaries from the start and make it clear how you wish the business to be run. Also ensure that all family members whom you employ are treated equally, especially if you also have staff members who you are not related to.

Do Your Research

It is important to take the time to assess the strengths, weaknesses, skills and experience that each family member possesses before placing them within the structure of the franchise. A family member with a strong personality, great leadership skills and a background in sales, for instance, would be a perfect fit within the business development aspect of the business, whereas a more reserved family member with a knowledge of the workings of social media might take well to social media marketing or SEO.

Put it in Writing

Yes, you’re working with family… but that doesn’t mean that conflict won’t arise or that you won’t run into a few disputes here and there. No matter what, protect yourself, your business and your family members by putting their contracts in writing and ensuring that they have been dated and signed.

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