As a digital marketing agency, you’re going to have clients across all markets and sectors. Travel and tourism is a niche industry that requires a different type of internet marketing approach.

Did you know that online travel agencies make up approximately 43% of all travel bookings and they account for approximately $585 billion dollars of travel fees? Travel and tourism is a massive sector and the digital side of this is just as big. Here are a few tips if you are trying to market your client’s travel or tourism company online:

  • Become A Go-To Guide For Information

People should be coming to your client’s website to find information about the destination that they are interested in. Create a comprehensive content marketing plan that gives a lot of high-quality information about the relevant destinations. You can create lists about what people should pack, how they should go about planning their vacation, what they should go and see when they are on holiday, where they should eat, and so forth.

  • Pay A Lot Of Attention To Visuals

Travel and tourism are arguably one of the industries that can benefit the most from quality pictures, videos and imagery. Make sure your client has a solid presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Create videos showing the destinations and make sure that these videos are on your client’s site as well as their YouTube channel.

  • Use Social Listening Tools

Social listening tools can help you get involved in online conversations. If people are tweeting about a certain destination, your client should be able to join the conversation and give advice. Consider appointing an online community manager to do this job for you.

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