In a world where technology runs every aspect of our daily lives, businesses have become more reliant on digital marketing strategies. Today, everything moves much faster and continues to evolve and we, therefore, no longer have the luxury of depending on only one strategic technique. 

Agile Digital Marketing is one way to look at it. Simply put, it’s a process of managing your social media marketing, content marketing and your digital marketing strategy by addressing your shifting priorities. An agile marketing plan takes the opportunity to listen, to respond and to efficiently adapt to the demands of both customers and the industry. 

A digital marketing agency of any size can use this methodology. You don’t require a large marketing team if you are a small business owner. All you will need to apply is an ‘out of the box’ approach coupled with unwavering dedication. We’ve listed two ways for you to implement an agile digital market strategy in your business. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

An agile strategy requires permanent attention, which means you need to be aware of your surroundings. So, set a system up to ‘listen’. You need to know what is going on as well as what is changing around you so that you don’t miss out on great opportunities. When something happens, you need to respond to it immediately. The quicker the response, the better.  

Social Media is one of the avenues to achieve this. The likes of Twitter and Facebook are great ways to stay on top of everything. Google Alerts is another option. You can do this by creating Google Alerts using the relevant keywords or phrases used in your business that can automatically be sent through to you as the info unfolds. 

Work on an Iterative Process

An iterative process calculates a desired result by repeating a cycle of operations. You can introduce this process into your marketing strategy by testing your marketing concept in a small environment. On completion of your campaign, you can quickly assess the results in order to refine and to adjust your strategy accordingly, if needed. 

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