Web design can quickly become an overlooked part of your digital marketing campaign. This aspect is one of the hardest parts to get right for a client, but without an effective website, your internet marketing efforts will suffer. Here are a few ways a great web design will add value to a client’s business:

Easy, intuitive navigation

If your clients are selling products online, or they have been adding content to the same website for many years, it could mean the navigation has become complex and outdated. Effective web design has easy, intuitive navigation which makes it easy for people to buy online.


April 23, 2015, marked ‘mobilegeddon’, where Google started to penalise websites in search engine results if their websites weren’t mobile-friendly. A good web design needs to look great on different platforms to ensure your clients are reaching their target audiences.

Increases brand perception

A crisp, sleek website is easy on the eyes and it can increase the brand perception of your client’s business. Focus on interesting graphics, an easy-to-understand layout and text that is easy to read online.

At Unibit Solutions we have a team of WordPress designers who create attractive and creative sites. We use WordPress because it offers maximum flexibility, more options and more themes, thus giving you the maximum amount of options when designing or revamping a website.

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