Keeping up with the social media marketing race can be arduous and often the content of some posts and blogs is tedious and tired. Yet certain companies just seem to be right on point when it comes to their social media campaigns, offering up fresh, engaging and shareable campaigns.

As we approach the end of the year, Unibit Solutions looks at three of the best social media campaigns of 2015:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The World Wildlife Fund’s 2015 Snapchat campaign won it a prestigious Webby Award. The clever campaign capitalised on the world’s love of selfies to highlight the plight of endangered animals. The campaign juxtaposed the 10-second disappearance of selfies with the disappearance of animals. It resulted in global sharing and increased donations.

Ogilvy Cape Town

Ogilvy’s Black Label beer campaign was one of the top-rated social media campaigns of the year. The mobile campaign allowed soccer fans to “be the coach” and choose players for premier sides. Participants had to simply sms a unique code, found on the bottle of beer, to sign up. The campaign was simple and user-friendly and open to anyone with a cellphone, the beauty of it being that it worked in real time and could therefore be “played” while relaxing in a tavern and watching soccer, making it completely “shareable”.


Guess also cashed in on the selfie obsession with its mobile “Try On” campaign, which allows the user to take a selfie and then “try” on different sunglasses. The campaign makes use of interactive marketing and gets users to share and like each other’s snaps.

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