Franchising appeals to many entrepreneurial-minded people. Not only are franchise opportunities seen as more risk-free than starting a business from scratch, but building on an already successful brand comes with many benefits.

Here is a list of the top franchise businesses by the number of units:

Franchise Number of units
7-Eleven 56 439
Subway 44 849
McDonald’s 36 368
Kumon 25 386
KFC 19 420
Pizza Hut 15 605
Groupe Casino 14 574
Burger King 14 372
Carrefour 11 910
Dominos 11 629

Each year, Entrepreneur Magazine publishes a “Best of the Best” list of franchises that are determined by Entrepreneur’s annual Franchise 500 ranking. This ranking takes quantifiable measures of the franchise’s success such as system size, growth and financial strength into consideration.

While these metrics can all be used when deciding what type of franchise you want to invest in, you will also need to consider other aspects that are quite unique to your personal situation. For example, there’s no point investing in a fast food restaurant if you have absolutely no interest in the industry. You should also consider the following:

  • What is the level of involvement you want in the business,
  • What does the future of the industry look like, and
  • What is your specific level of knowledge about the sector.

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