Digital marketing franchises are on the rise. With the increasing prevalence of SEO and social media marketing, these franchises are very lucrative business opportunities. Every business needs not only digital marketing, but also large volumes of content to maintain their online presence. It is well worth looking into these opportunities and purchasing a franchise. But, which one should it be?

We May Be Biased But… 

When considering the various international and local digital marketing franchises currently operating in South Africa, WSI is by far the best. But we’re not just biased; the reasons all add up, as we think you’ll agree in light of the 5 compelling reasons below:

International Recognition

WSI is recognised by several authorities as one of the world’s top franchises in any field. Entrepreneur magazine, Bond’s and Franchise Direct have consistently rated WSI among their top 100 franchises for years. 

Powerful Network

WSI has established an incredible network of big-name supporters, partners and suppliers. Adobe, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are only some of the names in the WSI network.

A Solid, Proven, Easy-to-Follow System

WSI has set up an easy-to-follow marketing system called the INTERNET SOLUTIONS LIFECYCLE®. This process is simple and proven and provides a well-established framework for your business while also giving you a great deal of autonomy.

Low Financial Commitment

Compared to other franchises, WSI requires a very low financial outlay. Having made the initial expenditure, your investment has very high ROI possibilities, limited only by your capacities and motivation.

Have we convinced you? Looking for a new business investment opportunity? Why not consider purchasing a digital marketing franchise. Contact Unibit Solutions for more information.