Effective leadership in 2019 will be very different from the type of leadership that was needed ten years ago. If you have invested in a digital marketing franchise, or are considering investing in one, these are the traits that you will need to be successful:


  • Adaptability And Resourcefulness

Many times, the people who buy a franchise come from the corporate world. Other times, they are young people who are looking to start a business with the support of a larger brand. Either way, you will need to be adaptable and resourceful in 2019.


Salaries are one of a company’s largest expenses. Instead of hiring a copywriter, graphic designer, social media manager and developer, for example, why not look into outsourcing. Hiring a white-collar service like Unibit Solutions, for example, can help you scale your capacity as you need it without taking on full-time staff when you are just starting out.


  • Ownership

As the owner of a new franchise, the buck stops with you. In the corporate world, most people’s jobs are highly siloed, but there are many grey areas that exist in a digital marketing agency. You may quickly come to realise that hiring a traffic manager or account managers can go a long way in smoothing out the process, and that people who can take ownership of a project are crucial to your success.


  • Proactiveness And Reliability

Your clients want you to be at the forefront of trends in the industry, and they want you to make suggestions. Don’t wait for clear-cut briefs from clients to make their way into your inbox. Get out there and start finding ways to help your clients and potential markets to market their businesses better online. Reliability is admired by both employees and clients, so make sure you are consistently proactive and able to deliver on your promises.


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