Recent surveys of marketing departments across all businesses reveal that 80% of businesses intend to increase their digital marketing budgets in the coming year. The medium has become increasingly important to business strategies and digital marketing cannot be ignored.

Modern era of marketing

Digital marketing is exploding and talent is needed to fuel that explosion. Ten years ago, we did not know that blogging could be a full-time occupation: we had no idea that digital influencers would be getting paid top dollar simply to be themselves on social media. In fact, if someone had told you ten years ago, that people would be earning six and even seven figures by gaming, you would have thought it was a joke.

Times have changed: media and marketing have evolved and therefore, the staffing needs of this booming industry have too. Companies have realized that digital marketers are a crucial component of their marketing mix and the very core of their digital marketing strategy.

Demand for digital

The demand for quality digital marketing professionals is so high that people are job-hopping to find the best jobs. It is a candidate’s market in this digital age. And that’s not something we hear often.

With the huge choice of new opportunities available, digital marketers can afford to be picky about who they’d like to work for. This is a great position to be in so why not take advantage of this and get into this exploding sector now while it is in its growth phase.


The skills gap is widening and digital marketing skills have never been in higher demand. So maybe it’s time to take the leap and contact the world’s leading digital marketing franchise to launch your career in digital marketing. Contact the team at Unibit Solutions today to find out how good marketers can propel themselves into career success in this booming industry.