There is no doubt that franchises in South Africa are fast growing due to the conducive business environments, reliable power supply and investment opportunities. In South Africa, women own an average of 25% of franchised outlets, especially in the beauty care, catering and education business sectors.

In 2017, the International Franchise Association (IFA) reported that the number of women-owned franchise business has increased by half globally since 2012. According to their findings, women sought franchise ownership for precisely the same motive as their male counterparts, which is running and managing one’s own business as the boss. But, there seem to be some characteristics of franchising that is more of an advantage to female entrepreneurs.

First Let’s Consider: Flexible Working Hours.

For working mothers, being able to work on a flex-time basis is the perfect solution to the challenge of balancing their careers and family responsibilities.

Secondly Let’s Also Consider: Managerial and Entrepreneurship Skills.

Check the business sectors where women dominate in franchising, which includes beauty care, clothing, catering and education. We can all go along with the fact that women are more active and more focused on these areas than men.

Finally, It’s All About: Women Empowerment.

Women’s month has always been a wake-up call period for women in South Africa to step up in business, politics and education to end the era of gender inequality and sexual harassment in the work place, not to mention victimisation. 

Several orientation programs, business seminars and skills development workshops take place during women’s month to encourage women to establish and run their own enterprises in order to be self-sufficient.