Have you discussed Live videos with your clients yet? If not, why not? Facebook Live and Instagram Live are among some of the most powerful features the two platforms offer and allow your clients to connect with their audiences in real time.

Let’s take a quick look at why your clients need to know about Facebook Live and Instagram Live:

Instagram Live

  • Live videos appear at the top of your followers’ news feed for 24 hours, so keeping it up to date with your latest news and views can help ensure your content is the first thing your audience sees when they open Instagram.
  • If they haven’t turned off notifications, your audience members will get a message when you go live, thus driving real time engagement.
  • You could use live videos to do a Q&A, launch a new product, make an announcement, celebrate a milestone with your followers or even share a behind-the-scenes look into your office or workign day.


Facebook Live

  • As with Instagram, your audience will receive a notification when you go live, which helps to drive great organic reach.
  • This boost in engagement ensures Facebook’s algorithm’s flags your video/post as highly relevant and pushes it even higher in the news feed, thus further boosting its visibility.
  • Live video allows for a far more authentic connection with your audience and allows them to see the people behind the brand.
  • There’s a great opportunity to communicate regularly with your audience, think about daily or weekly broadcasts, live Q&As or even educational videos.
  • It’s a great lead generation tool because viewers are prompted to subscribe as soon as they join a live stream. Subscribers don’t have to be friends, followers or fans, but they are people who have specifically chosen to be notified when you go Live.

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