Brands who are not using digital marketing to connect with and convert clients will find themselves irrelevant sooner rather than later. Industry leaders are all using digital tools such as social media, content marketing, mobile marketing and app development to entertain their consumers and connect with them on deeper levels, which means that the number of digital marketing agencies in SA continues to grow. Here are the top reasons why this service continues to rise on local shores:


  1. Growth In Connection Speed

Not only do more people have access to the internet via their cell phones, but also data is getting cheaper and their connection speeds are getting faster. South Africa’s mobile penetration rate is phenomenal and citizens of our country use their smartphones more than other types of media (including television and desktop computers).


  1. Consumers Are Ready For Something New

Companies who are willing to experiment and learn through trial and error are winning the race at this point, but this does not mean that smaller companies should be left behind. Those interested in B2B marketing can benefit from faster and more flexible processes, which make it easy for them to team up with a marketing agency that can give them the digital services they need.


  1. Targeting Has Become The Norm

Instead of taking a hit-and-miss approach with above the line advertising, an increasing number of business owners are seeing the value in getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Digital marketing agencies are able to assist businesses to target specific users based on their browsing history, geography, interests and demographic profiles, which makes digital marketing a no-brainer.


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