With new technology and new trends making marketing an ever changing (and challenging industry) it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that, even in today’s new age of Facebook, Twitter and SEO, certain tried and tested marketing skills still apply. If you’re a leader in a digital marketing agency – whether it’s a start up or an established business – the following skills are essential.

Inspired communication

Great leaders have vision, and are able to communicate that vision to others. Marketing leaders need to be able to explain their innovative online marketing ideas to employees and clients in a way that is compelling and inspirational, in order to see those ideas come into fruition.

Exceptional project management

Having the organisational and analytical thinking skills needed to run with any project, be it a local business website or a wide reaching social media marketing campaign, is essential. Good leaders harness these skills to successfully lead project teams and achieve set goals.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking leads to creative problem solving, a vital skill for marketing leaders. The ability to analyse a situation, break it down into positives and negatives, and come up with solutions that are both creative and practical, is what marketing is essentially about.

Superb people skills 

Marketing leaders deal with people all the time, which makes having great people skills very important. Whether it’s dealing with clients, or managing a team of employees, the human element is a part of marketing that can’t be ignored. 

The ability to adapt 

Because the industry is always evolving, marketing leaders need to keep tabs on new trends and be flexible where necessary. When social media marketing hit the scene, it changed the face of marketing. Digital marketers are constantly challenged by new developments in technology. Marketing leaders who keep up with the changes and adapt their skills are the ones who succeed.

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