In today’s economic climate, small businesses not only need to be agile and innovative, but they also need to be willing to adapt when it comes to marketing strategies. Long gone are the days of using one marketing technique to drive sales or brand awareness. 

In order to master this art for your digital marketing agency, we’ve listed five great tips to get you started.

1. Connect With Local Businesses 

On a local level, networking with businesses in your community is vital. You can build strong, organic relationships and identify business opportunities simply by keeping your ear to the ground and keeping in touch with like-minded individuals through B2B marketing. 

2. Improve Your Local SEO

Local SEO is vital to smaller businesses. It prioritises its appearance in Search Engine Results Pages in specific locations, allowing you to market your brand within your required catchment area. Three additional steps you can take to optimise your local SEO include the following:

      1. Optimise your ‘Google My Business’, 
      2. Focus on local keywords, and 
      3. Stay on top of your regular reviews from your clients.  

3. Target Paid Local Results

Paid adverts via Google’s AdWords allows you to hone in on your specific target market with laser precision. By choosing specific keywords that will trigger your listing, you’ll need to bid and satisfy AdWords quality score metric for your advert to become visible. This type of online market campaign gives you the most control. 

4. Google Local

If you haven’t heard of Google Local, then you need to jump on this bandwagon – pronto. Underestimated, Google Local is an online listing specifically targeted at local businesses where users can place their recommendations, publish their own photos and reviews, view a business’ Google Plus page to look for posts and other useful information. 

5. Encourage Reviews

‘Word of mouth’ is still a powerful marketing tool. You want your clients to have a great experience. Create a marketing system for customers who you have recently done business with by encouraging them to share their experience. So, why not encourage them to or even reward them for submitting a review on your website or commenting on your social media platforms. 

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