Entrepreneurship is seen as a desirable, high-status career in South Africa according to a recent survey.  This makes a digital marketing franchise the perfect fit for South African entrepreneurs interested in engaging with customers on their preferred digital platforms and devices.  

Here are 5 great reasons why a digital marketing franchise is for entrepreneurs in South Africa.

  1. You can work outside office hours

Digital marketing allows you the freedom to set your own working hours, promoting a better work-life balance.  With a digital marketing franchise you can work from home, saving on transport costs; and minimise data costs by doing much of your work during off-peak hours. 

  1. The franchise is South Africa ready

The start-up costs for any business can be extensive and risky in South Africa’s unique economic conditions.  A franchise not only offers a pre-designed business structure and access to a strong international network, but also someone to talk to that understands the South African market.

  1. Focus on an industry you enjoy

Whether you intend to focus on sport, entertainment, retail or general business, working within an industry you enjoy could build good relationships.  Your passion and digital marketing expertise gained through a WSI franchise will ensure business-to-business marketing (B2B marketing) clients consider your business favourably.

  1. You already own the basic tools required to set up your business

If you have a mobile phone, laptop and internet connection, you already have the basic tools required to set up a digital marketing business.  Add to that an interest in business trends and practices whilst learning new innovations and technologies, together with great communication and problem-solving skills, and a digital marketing business is definitely for you. 

  1. You are already familiar with many channels used in digital marketing

Online marketing (Internet marketing) is a category of digital marketing. If you already have a social media presence via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and have searched on Google or Bing, you are already familiar with some of the channels used in digital marketing. WSI will provide in-depth online and practical training on digital marketing and how to use their proven system, regardless of your background.

Interested in joining a top-ranked, affordable digital marketing franchise?  WSI has the best digital marketing franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs in South Africa.  Contact us today for more information.