Has your digital marketing agency’s Google Ads application been rejected? Here are five reasons why this might have happened:

  1. Insufficient Content

If your digital marketing agency’s Google Ads were rejected, a likely culprit is that you don’t have enough content on your website. If your agency’s site only has two blog posts and three static website content pages, it might not be enough for Google.

  1. Not Offering A Proper User Experience

Google is very focused on the user experience. It is for this reason that responsive web design and websites that have been optimized for mobile are favoured in Google’s search results.

Take a look at your website’s navigation and the layout of the site. If it is not easy for a client to find what they are looking for or place an order, then Google will likely reject your website for AdSense. The WP-PageNavi WordPress plugin provides a template tag that generates pagination links. This is a good starting point if you haven’t considered your website’s navigation before.

  1. Adult Content

You are not allowed to have any type of adult content on your website if you want to submit it to Google. Adult content refers to any content relating to pornography, hacking tutorials and torrent downloads, the AdSense team will simply reject your application.

  1. Paid Traffic

You may be tempted to buy paid traffic to your website. Never do this, as Google can easily identify that the traffic to your website is fake.

  1. Copied Content

Many people make the mistake of copying content from other websites for their own site. Google always prefers unique, quality content, so hire a copywriter to create new content for your website.

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