The digital marketing industry is a niche sector. That is why your digital marketing franchise needs to stand out from that of your competitor pool. The evolution of technology prompts entrepreneurs to leave their comfort zones in an expedition for unique digital marketing strategy ideas to continue to capture audiences. Below, we’ve listed five essential skills required from a digital marketing franchise to survive in today’s ‘Wild West’ of online marketing.

1. Excellent Writing and Editing Skills

Content marketing is at the heart of all digital marketing strategies. Your content needs to attract and connect with your target audiences by convincing them to do what you’ve set out for them to do. High-quality content is the foundation for all online marketing and a must for every digital marketing franchise. It’s extremely important for your SEO optimisation and keyword strategy for content ranking.  

2. Knowledge of SEO and SEM 

There’s no point in having beautifully written content if it’s not working towards your SEO optimisation. A deeper understanding of SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for different platforms will help you to translate better content for your digital marketing strategy. 

With Google’s algorithm permanently changing and upgrading, it’s vital that you stay afloat and in the know of the different factors which influence search rankings. 

3. Social Media Savvy

Social media can be used to your benefit. As social media evolves, it has become a forum for conversations and ideas. Social media platforms have evolved to accommodate businesses and their digital marketing needs by use of advertising, business pages and groups, boosted posts and hashtags. Find your target audience and start engaging.

4. Video

Videos are personal. You are more likely to receive feedback from a video than a long-winded content post. You need to grab your audience’s attention through higher conversion rates, engagement and higher SEO rankings. An audience’s attention span is limited. 

You don’t have to be an expert in video creation. You just need to know how to create short, professional videos. So, why not download a video editing tool for guidance. 

5. Understanding Data and Analytics

Google Analytics should be at the heart of every digital marketing franchise’s marketing strategy. You need to monitor and to report your marketing campaigns to aid you in understanding your target audiences and what drives them. As a digital marketing franchise, you need to gather huge amounts of data to use to your advantage. 

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