Are you working with great digital marketing employees and want them to stick around for the long haul? Here are five ways to retain your top performers:

  1. Find a Way to Handcuff Your Best Employees to Your Business

It can be heartbreaking when top employees resign. It is much better to retain your good staff than to recruit new people and train them. When people look for a job, they are firstly looking for money to maintain a certain lifestyle.

  1. Recognition

Above money comes recognition. IBM did a study years ago that showed once people’s need for money is met, they will next want recognition and opportunity to grow.

  1. Benefits

What type of benefits do you offer your employees? Besides retirement annuities and medical aid, you could also consider perks such as a cell phone contract, laptop deal or a paid gym subscription. Employee benefits mean a lot to people and there are many companies who offer great package deals for small businesses.

  1. Consider Revenue Share

Your top employees should become a part of your business. If they have been working for you for a certain period of time, consider revenue share options. Not only does this boost employee accountability, but it makes sure that workers are invested in the long-term vision of your company.

  1. Flexible Working Options

Companies looking to cut costs and who want to appeal to the millennials are increasingly allowing their staff to work from home. Talk to your staff about their travel times, home set-ups and personal preferences. Many employees value flexibility even more than benefits.
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