The marketing industry, and especially digital marketing, is an ever evolving landscape. Marketers who keep tabs of current trends and adapt these trends to their digital marketing strategy have a higher chance of succeeding in this very competitive industry.

Take note of the following best practices and trends to ensure that you’re in a position to up your game in 2016 and beyond.

Invest in training

As stated, the online marketing industry is constantly changing. Make sure that you stay on top of any updates by investing in regular, professional training for you and your staff.

Content still king

As much as digital marketing strategy is always evolving, superb and relevant content will always be a must have. Don’t lose sight of the importance in the content in the face of updates in platforms and technology.

Target the millennials

The millennial generation (users in their late teens and early twenties) has very specific social media habits and preferences. Social media marketing that includes networks that are popular with this generation, such as Snapchat and Instagram, is essential for targeting thins market.

Mobile optimisation

In the past couple of years, responsive website design has become essential for any digital marketing strategy. Going forward, responsiveness will not be enough for certain brands and digital marketers should focus on the development of mobile apps that are even more user friendly and streamlined than responsive websites.

Video marketing

Did you know that YouTube is considered one of the biggest search engines after Google? It’s also no surprise that any ‘how to’ query typed into Google returns search results that are primarily links to YouTube videos. Video marketing is also an ideal way to create engaging and relevant content.

Location marketing

With updates in social media technology, we not only have access to what people are doing and saying, but where and when they are when doing it. Location is key for social media apps such as Snapchat and Tinder, and networks such as these provide real time location data that marketers can use to target users based on their current physical location.

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