It’s pretty impressive when you see the exact products you have been researching popping up on your social media news feed or in your email inbox, right? Remarketing refers to the banner ads that target internet users after they have visited a website. It is very effective and can make a huge difference in your online sales.

So, how does it work? The first thing you need to do is add a simple piece of JavaScript code to your website. This will be a part of your website’s code and it won’t make any difference to the look, feel or user experience of your site.

What the code does is drop an anonymous browser cookie. So, when a person lands on your website’s pages and goes to another site, the ad service provider can show them an ad from your website. What makes this different to PPC campaigns are the individualisation opportunities that it offers. Even if you aren’t selling products, this type of marketing can lead to increased brand awareness for your business.

Be sure to create high-quality ads that have a clear call to action. It is also important to create an ad that can work consistently across multiple ad sizes and websites. Test your ads and measure the performance so that you can continue to tweak and optimise your remarketing campaign.

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