As an internet marketer, you may think your number one goal is to drive a lot of traffic to your clients’ websites. This is what most people do when they enter the world of online marketing. It may come as a surprise when you try to measure the ROI you are giving your clients and quickly learn that only a tiny percentage of this traffic is resulting in business. What you need to focus on now, is increasing your conversions. Here are a few ways:

Define what a “conversion” is for each client

A conversion is basically a goal which has been completed on the site and can mean different things to different clients. For one, it might mean buying a product on the ecommerce website and for another it could be downloading a Whitepaper. Make sure these goals are clearly defined so that you can create a digital marketing strategy that works towards these goals.

Create focused content marketing campaigns

In the past, we could focus on creating a lot of content hoping it would compel an interested website visitor to buy. Today, we have to focus on quality instead of quantity. Do keyword research to find out what questions people are asking and then create content which speaks directly to their needs.

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