Understanding customer psychology is a key part of owning a digital marketing franchise. There are millions of websites and social media pages online that you will need to consider using psychological factors to attract your potential customers. By understanding how your target audience thinks, your marketing campaigns will improve and convert more customers. Here are some tools for you to use to attract and retain your customers:

Forms of customer psychology 

There are several types of customer psychology tactics used in a digital marketing strategy:

  • Persuasion architecture: This is the focus to persuade website visitors to take action, for example, making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. This can be accomplished by having an optimised SEO that drives more people to visit your website & also design your website so that it leads them to perform a transaction. 
  • Emotion-Driven behaviour: Using content marketing aimed at the customer’s emotions to get them to act based on how they feel in the moment (sometimes unconsciously). This can be done by focusing your social media strategy on a topic that stirs emotion by storytelling, using images, and effective copywriting. 
  • Scarcity & loss aversion: Using promotions, specials, and discounts that are only available for a limited timeframe encourages customers to click and buy. Black Friday deals or OneDayOnly are prime examples of how they use this in their content marketing strategy. 
  • Social Existence: Customers are hesitant to try something new and tend to follow the crowd, therefore having a social media presence and proof of success stories gives the customer peace of mind that you are a legitimate business with happy clients.

Customer psychology is a vital tool for a digital marketing franchise to use so that you can influence your target audience to act and turn into paying customers. 

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