As an Internet marketing consultant you undoubtedly spend a significant portion of your time developing digital marketing strategies for your clients. Many business owners understand that digital marketing is an important component of their company, but not many fully grasp how much time it takes to develop strategies and execute them in ways that allows them to achieve their business goals.

At Unibit Solutions we have expert teams of digital marketing professionals and we can handle everything from website design to copywriting to social media marketing. We regularly partner with Internet marketing consultants and provide them with what they need to help drive their clients’ projects forward. Many companies are happy to do the initial work, but may not be so reliable when it comes down to the important end components, like proofreading and quality checks.

Here’s what you can expect from us when you partner with Unibit Solutions:

  1. Background work and research. Before we can offer our expert opinions on how to best achieve your client’s business goals, we will fully research their industry, investigate their competitors and discover what keywords are most popular amongst their target audiences.
  2. Create a content calendar. We develop monthly topics that include a general outlines and specific titles for each blog post. Once your client has reviewed and approved the content calendar, we pass it on to our copywriters so they can get to work.
  3. Copywriting. We have a team of copywriters who write articles, blog posts and other documents that are all in accordance with the pre-approved content calendars. These blog posts include SEO keywords that are relevant to your client’s target audiences.
  4. Client approval and posting. We don’t post anything until your client has approved it and we ensure they are 100% happy with the content before doing anything with it. While we are more than happy to post the content on behalf of your client, either you or your client can post them if that works best for you.

To find out more about the digital marketing solutions we offer, contact us today.